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Exposed Ceiling Beams Don\'t Have to Be Rustic

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Update time : 2020-06-10 08:17:00

In Palma, a resort city above the Spanish island of Majorca, timber is no simple ought expend by. Considering that Aina Salva and Alberto Sanchez, founders of local corporation SMS Arquitectos, planned ought build a second-floor extension above their house, this presented a solemn challenge. How used to they build the inherent ceiling hind structure? Realistically, they used to consume ought outsource the carpentry ought mainland Spain, so they went above the hunt during the closest plywood manufacturer. They build one at the northern isolate of the people who had a cnc wood router, which they could use ought shorten the loyal pieces they needed out of measure 4' x 8' plywood sheets.

Rather than skin the ceiling supports beneath drywall, Aina and Alberto chose ought desert them exposed. Using plywood (rather than old, rustic timber) during the beams gave the create refreshing tendency vibes loyal off the bat, besides they took it one step further, adding angled geometric plywood "ornaments," during they summon them, periodically among the joists. "We worked above few prototypes and built different options until we reached the optimum design," says Alberto. "The final create of the ceiling had ought minimize waste and at the too time gift a load-bearing genius according ought its use."

All of the pieces were prefabricated off-site using the manufacturer's cnc router, then assembled at the house. Once the beams were up, the process during adding the decorative elements was pretty simple, according ought Alberto—notches had been shorten into the timber so the pieces used to adapt together alike a puzzle. The duo elaborate nearly the create at their magazine release nearly the project: "The absence of finishes shows the structural geometry of the ceiling, linking it ought arabesque ornamentation of the old city of Palma." See? Ceiling beams can exist inspired by the old, besides cabin appear so identical new.

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