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How and Why of Laser Cutters R-6040 Rhino Laser Cutting Machine

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Update time : 2023-11-20 13:48:00

How and Why of Laser Cutters R-6040 Rhino Laser Cutting Machine

In the nowerdays, laser cutter become more and more in market. How and why need the laser cutter maybe not everyone know clearly.
In the video we explain our mini laser cutter R-6040 that widly used in hobby and heavy indsutry business, that professional all kinds of less 10mm non metal material cutting and engraving and marking as acrylic,paper,fabirc,leather,glass,stone etc.

Why to choose Rhino Laser cutter R-6040?

1. The advantages is fast carving speed, wide carving materials, and small space take.
The speed can reach the second speed, what is the concept of this second speed?
To give a very interesting ex

ample, our colleague is planning to use a mobile camera to take video of carve three letters using a small laser engraving machine R-6040.
However, the colleague's camera key has not been pressed yet, and a carving has already been completed.
But when it comes to commonly used cola bottles, the speed is called "fast". It takes 30 seconds to carve the body of a cola bottle for 3 * 10m.

2. The cutting materials are wide, and can be used to carve metal, leather, plastic, etc.
Compared to ordinary engraving machines that can only carve metal, small laser engraving machine R-6040 can be said to expand the range of materials that can be carved by engraving machines and increase the options for customization.
Especially for metal materials, small laser engraving machines are more proficient, such as carving cola bottles and metal plates. Of course, plastic carving is perfect well also.

3. It take small space 
If you want to say how small it is, it's 33.3cm wide and 42cm long. It can be said to be small, but I can't say how light it is.
It's just a girl who can hold it with two hands.
But for a large carving machine, not to mention a girl holding it with both hands, even a boy may need some effort to hold it with both hands.

How to use the laser cutter R-6040?

You may think that such a small laser cutter machine would be very complex to operate. There are also many accessories needed. It may not be much more suitable than a large machine.
That's all I need to say. You've thought too much about this machine. As long as you're willing, you just need to prepare a laptop.
Because the workbench of this machine itself is a chassis, connecting the display screen can achieve operation.
All you need to learn is software. Below is two control system for option:

Some mini laser cutter models recommended:

Machine feature of R-4040 Co2 laser cutting engraving machine

1. Machine laser Spot: stable cavity structure, good uniform spot pattern, high efficiency

2. Electrode surface, special plating

3. Front and rear lens cooling cover, special craft

4. Stability: we use TAIWAN PMI square rail and Japan ONK 3M belts, and the quality of the glass tube is controllable

5. Factory direct sales, more favorable

6. Heavy investment, the product is equipped with the United States with fast cutting speed

7. Machine working low noise:scientific mechanical structure reduces machine noise

8. Machine strong frame so that can load more than 800KG product no any problem

9. Two motors for Y axis and One motor for X axis make sure working more smooth without ripple

10. Low cost of operation and maintenance

11. Easy operation:multi-functions like random engraving sequence, processing level, and flexible adjustment output for laser power, speed and focal length partly or completely at one time.

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