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Raycus 750w CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for 3mm Metal Steel Cutting Machine

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Update time : 2023-06-15 09:56:00

Raycus 750w CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for 3mm Metal Steel Cutting Machine

Does the 750w fiber source can cut steel 3mm well?
Yes, our Rhino fiber laser cutting machine with 750w for 3mm carbon steel cutting perfectly in video.
Fiber Laser cutting machine technology has many advantages in processing composite materials such as carbon fiber, such as high precision, non-contact, small heat-affected zone, high-quality cutting edges, etc. However, there are some considerations to consider:


Appropriate Laser Source: Use a proper laser source suitable for cutting carbon fiber, now in market the smallest power is 750w that recommended for 3mm cutting,also have 1000w.1500w for option.

Gas assist: During the laser cutting process, an inert gas (such as nitrogen) is usually used as an assist gas to cool the cutting area of the carbon fiber plate and blow away the generated smoke and waste. This helps maintain the quality of the cut edge.

Cutting Parameters: Cutting parameters, such as laser power, cutting speed and focal length, need to be set appropriately to ensure a clear cut edge without damaging the carbon fiber plate.

Protective measures: When laser cutting carbon fiber panels, ensure proper ventilation and smoke control to prevent the generated smoke from causing harm to operators and equipment.

Sample Testing: Before proceeding with large-scale production, it is recommended to conduct sample testing to determine the best cutting parameters and process settings.

Rhino fiber laser cutting machine RF-1325-750W has unique advantages in hard material processing like 1mm-6mm and can be used for carbon fiber plate cutting, silicon carbide wafer dicing, silicon wafer QR code marking, aluminum-based silicon carbide heat sink etching, diamond processing, precision cutting of aviation-grade carbon fiber plates, etc.
Provide complete cutting solutions in the field.

Below is details of RF-1325-750W:


Safety Protection Systemyes
1. Laser module protection
2. The laser module have warning sign to introduce the laser out avoid harm from direct laser;
3. The cover have ground connection to avoid hurt from leakage.
4. The operator need to wear suitable laser protection glasses throughout the operation;
5. Make sure the protection equipment have no wear and tear before operating; 
6. Do NOT look the laser out head at any time when the device is powered;                                                              External Transmission fiber Protect sectionyes
1. The workstation of external transmission fiber ,use imported high quality guide pulley and Limit device to fix and guide laser cable;
2. The transmission fiber have protective cover made of special laser protection material to prevent the laser leak;
3. The protective cover of transmission fiber have leak sensor,if the fiber fractured to cause the laser leak,the sensor will transmit the signal to control center immediately,then the control center will stop the laser equipment and alarm.

RF-1530-750 Main Parameters:

Model R--1325-750        
Laser type Fiber laser
Laser working medium Fiber
Laser wavelength 1070 nm
Rated output power 750W RAYCUS brand
Beam quality <0.373mrad
Effective cutting range  3000×1500(mm) 
Table axial positioning accuracy ≤±0.03mm/m
Repeat positioning accuracy table ≤±0.02mm/m
Cutting speed ≤30m/min
Maximum table load 1600KG
Power Ratings Three-phase AC 380V 50Hz
Equipment electric power 10-20KW
Total power protection class IP54
RF-1325-751000 main components details:
No. Item Brand Country of origin
1 Fiber laser generator 750W Ray cus China
2 Lubrication system  
3 Laser head Ray Tools China(famous in laser cutting head)
4 Reducer Shimpo
5 Water chiller CWFL800 Wuhan,China
6 Mechanical driving system High accurate bevel rack&pinion,PMI square rail TAIWAN
7 High precision auto following Cyput Shanghai,China
8 PC system Industrial computer TAIWAN
9 X axis servo unit Yaskawa 850w Japan
10 Y axis servo unit Yaskawa 850w Japan
11 Z axis servo unit Yaskawa 400w Japan
12 Reducer motor Shimpo Japan
13 Cutting software Cypcut Shanghai,China
14 I/O card Cypcut Shanghai,China
15 Working table Knife table with strictly hardening,tempering and annealing treatment,frame thickness 10mm Jinan,China
16 Button module Schneider China
17 AC Contactor Schneider China


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