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Rhino R-6090 100w Laser Machine Cut 9mm Acrylic, China Laser Cutting Machine

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Update time : 2023-11-14 10:22:00

Rhino R-6090 100w Laser Machine Cut 9mm Acrylic, China Laser Cutting Machine

R-6090 100W laser machine is cutting 9mm acrylic in the vidoe with fast speed and high accurate. The most important is machine structure with ball screw to make sure cutting edge surface more smooth.Honeycomb working table is more suitable for soft material and acrylic cutting .

How to process the acrylic by Rhino R-6090 100W laser machine?
Firstly we need to know well what is acrylic:
Acrylic (a type of organic glass) is the most commonly used carving material compared to wood.
It is easy to cut and carve, comes in various shapes and sizes, and is relatively low-cost.
There are two production processes for produce acrylic glass: casting and rolling.
Laser engraving machines mainly use the casting method acrylic glass, because the frost effect engraved by the laser engraving machine is very white, which is in sharp contrast to the original transparent texture.
The acrylic produced by rolling method is still transparent after the laser engraving machine engraved, without a sufficient contrast effect. So we advise customer use acrylic with casting method.
When purchasing acrylic, you should emphasize to the dealer that need high level acrylic, otherwise the low quality acrylic may melt during carving or cutting.

In general, acrylic adopts a back carving method, which means carving from the front and viewing from the back, making the finished product more three-dimensional. When back carving, please first mirror the graphics, and the carving speed should be fast and the power should be low. If the power is too high during carving, uneven stripes will appear on the bottom surface. If you want to carve deeper, you can try carving more times. In the case of back carving, for local coloring, the coloring area should be carved deeper first, and then polished with a flame polishing machine before coloring can be applied. If not polished, the color seen from the front will not be uniform.

Acrylic is easy to cut, and if the customer's requirements are not too high, it can be delivered after cutting without the need for flame polishing. Otherwise, an air blowing device should be used during cutting to improve the quality of the incision.
When cutting acrylic exceeding 8mm(like in the video 9mm acrylic cutting), large-sized lenses should be replaced like 63.9mm

Note: When using a laser engraving machine to cut acrylic, the operator should beside of machine always, as there has flames during cutting process.

After carving, use a damp cloth to clean the surface

Acrylic pigments can be used, as other pigments may damage the smoothness of organic glass.

Recommended R-6090 100W Laser machine details:


R-6090 laser cutting and engraving machine

▶ Laser type

CO2 laser tube, water-cooled

▶ Laser power

100W laser tube RECI brand

▶ Working area

600mm x 900mm (width x length)

▶ Engraving speed


▶ Cutting speed


▶ Repeating location


▶ Transmission type

Belt transmission

▶ Driving system

stepper motor

▶ Machine table

Conveyor table

▶ Work tabke

Aluminium blade table with up and down table together

▶ Graphic format supported


▶ Software supported

CorelDraw, AutoCAD, Photoshop, Tajima

▶ Control system

RDCAM software

▶ Working voltage

220V or 110V, 50Hz-60Hz

▶ Applicable Industries:

Kitchen,furniture,electronic components, glass,plexglass, MDF, hardware, acrylic, non metal materials industry,Sign industry etc

▶ Applicable Materials:

Non-metal materials like acrylic,plastic,pvc,wood,colored boards,paper,leather,shells,ABS boards,stone,glass etc

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