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What Can a 5 Axis CNC Machine Make ?

What Can a 5 Axis CNC Machine Make ?

People who have experience on cnc router and machinery know that cnc machine have 3 axis , 4 axis and 5 axis .
90% people know well the 3 axis and 4 axis cnc router but only little part of people are familiar with the 5 axis cnc machine. 
Do you want a detailed understanding of 5 axis cnc machine Application and what can a 5 axis cnc machine make?
Please continue reading below:


1.Aerospace Components

The aerospace industry requires components with organic shapes, contour edges, and composite shapes.Therefore, parts for aerospace applications should be kept as precise as possible and comply with industry standards
The unique and geometrically complex parts make the 5-axis cnc machine to be  an ideal technical choice to make them.This process achieves a high level of detail and reduces the need for re-fixed the cutting head. 
Now 5 axis cnc machine play an important role in the aerospace industry, especially in manufacturing complex shaped components such as turbine blades, aerodynamic components, and structural structures. Ensuring their high precision and consistency is crucial for the aerospace industry, which has high requirements for safety and precision. This processing method reduces reset and inspection time and the need for tools and fixtures, further saving costs and increasing production efficiency

2. Automotive Industry 

The 5 axis cnc achine can help the automotive manufacturing industry effectively manufacture various complex and fine parts, such as engine components, steering systems, and brake systems. The five axis machining machine can also complete multi sided machining and large-scale production in a single setting, which is very ineed with the requirements of the automotive industry. Although the initial investment may be high, its improvement in production efficiency and accuracy can reduce overall production costs. In addition, five axis machining is widely used in the fields of automotive repair, modification, and prototype design, showing its diverse and flexible characteristics.
Especially this 5 axis cnc machine is populared used in car 1:1 molds making .


3. Mold parts Industry

For the mold parts industry, a 5 axis cnc router machine is also an indispensable tool! The comprehensive processing capability greatly improves the process efficiency and accuracy, especially in handling complex surface machining and cutting; The advantage of adjusting machining angles based on data can significantly reduce the time for tool replacement and adjustment, and improve the production efficiency of complex molds.


4. Shipping Industry 

The 5 axis cnc router machine can work all kinds of shipping boats molds like yacht,Military ship model, entertainment ship model, civilian ship model etc.

Usually machine table working size as long as can be 20m and width 3m, height 2m or more.
But some customers will make so large model with several blocks to choose a more cheaper solution.

5.Energy Industry

The energy industry typically requires complex and advanced components, including solar power systems and power stations. The rapid emergence of 5 axis cnc machine ensures precise of energy equipment and specific parts. These parts are mechanically processed, durable, and provide stability for the workspace.
Sunch as wind turbine blades, some complex components of oil drilling equipment, and precision components of solar energy equipment.

Wind power generation: The blades of wind turbines need to be made very precisely to ensure their efficiency and stability in the wind farm. Five axis machining can provide high precision and efficiency in the production of wind blades.

Petroleum drilling equipment: There are many complex components in petroleum drilling equipment that require high-precision processing. Five axis machining can complete the machining of these composite components in one go, reducing the chances of errors during the machining process and improving product quality.

Solar energy equipment: Some precision components in solar energy equipment, such as brackets and shafts, require precise processing to ensure the efficiency and durability of the equipment. Five axis machining can provide high-quality manufacturing of these precision components.


6. Advertising Decoration, Stage Display, etc

Usually people use foam or EPS to make different molds and sculpture for decoration function.Foam sculpture is widely used in exhibition venues, outdoor advertising, commercial space layout, festival models, brand promotion visual images, site settings, wedding film and television props, courtyard landscapes, decorative components, indoor and outdoor relief murals, etc., and can also customize large-scale crafts, theme parks, architectural decoration, etc. according to requirements

7.Medical Equipment

Five axis machining machines can also be applied in the field of medical equipment, especially in the production of complex and delicate components, such as artificial joints and dental implants (such as dental molds and dentures).
Medical parts need to be strictly controlled for every small difference, so it is even more necessary to rely on the intelligent data function of the 5 AXIS cnc router machine to meet customized requirements.


Which 5 Axis CNC Router Machine is Right for You ?

 Heavy duty 5 Axis CNC Machine RSKM25-H 

 Table Moving 5 Axis CNC Machine RSKM25-AB

 Gantry Moving 5 Axis CNC Router Machine for Car Boat Airplane Molds

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