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What Difference Between 5 Axis CNC Router And 6 Axis Robot Arm ?

What Difference Between 5 Axis CNC Router And 6 Axis Robot Arm ?
With the development of society, more and more 5-axis cnc router and robot arms are widely used in our daily lives and production.
They can be used for model making in shopping malls and in industries such as aerospace, aviation, and military.
However, not everyone know its differences between 5 axis cnc router and robots arm machines, and may not know how to choose the one that suits them when making a purchase.
Let's compare their advantages and disadvantages below, hoping to help friends who need to purchase such machines:

What is 5 axis CNC Router :
This is a CNC Router machine with five axis in working X/Y/Z/A/B and have different flat table working size like 2000mmx3000mm/3000mmx4000mm and more bigger size no problem.
Now many manufacturer from all over the world can produce it as USA DMS,China Rhino CNC, CHENCAN CNC etc,just control system is different like Syntec,OSAI etc.

What is Robot arm:
In cutting and milling use usually we use KUKA robot arm with 3 axis,5 axis,6axis and 7 axis.
KUKA robot is German manufacturer of industrial robots and factory automation systems owned by Chinese appliance manufacturer Midea Group.
The KUKA Robotics Corporation has 25 subsidiaries in the United States, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, India, Russia and in various European countries. The company name, KUKA, is an acronym for Keller und Knappich Augsburg.

They both work for 3D molds with different materials like Foam,EVA,PE,PP,Stone,Aluminum etc, but what the main difference and how to choose the most suitable one when purchase?
Below, we will analyze their differences from the following 7 points´╝Ü

1. Working precision is different 
2. Different load capacities
3. Different working side 
4, Different flexibility
5. Different axis 
6, Different price rang 
7. Different cover size 

1. Working precision is different 
This is the main and important difference between 5 axis cnc center and robot arm .
5 axis cnc router machine accurate could be 0.01-0.05mm
Robot arm working accurate could be 0.05-0.1mm 
The prerequisite for stable machining is rigidity, and the magnitude and fluctuation of the torque feedback from the workpiece to the spindle and body during the cutting process will directly affect the machining quality.

At present, robot milling is widely used in handicraft manufacturing because the precision requirements for handicrafts are not very strict,
But for metal processing, a 5-axis cnc machine is more professional.
Below is 5 axis cnc router prcesse steel photo:

2. Different load capacities:
5 axis cnc router machine usually itself weight is heavy more than 5000kg,it have good rigidity but robot arm itself weight is a little light so its load capacity about 500-1000kg, so 5 axis cnc router load capacity is as 500-2000kg no problem.
Some gantry movement 5 axis cnc router load capacity is no limited ,because usually the processed material is placed on the ground and gantry movment to work it by milling,cutting,engraving and drilling etc.

Different working size 
5 axis cnc machining machine have flat table size that working width,length and height can be customized like 1300mmx2500mm/2000mmx3000mm/3000mm/6000mm and longest length 12000mm no problem.
Robotic cnc machine working size can not be too big, usually 1000mmx1000mm/1300mmx2500mm/1500mmx3000mm and height max 1000mm no problem.
If want more longer working length that need special rail equipped on machine.

4. Different flexibility
KUKA robot arm the working principle is similar as the human arm, which is more flexible compared to a 5-axis engraving machine.
In small size product process like small size sculpture and molds making the robot arm is more flexible it is like people hand drawing on the material with fast speed and high precision.
The volume of the workpiece is very large, and there may be some compromise on accuracy for ultra large workpieces. At this time, in order to process ultra large workpieces, larger equipment needs to be made. If we change our thinking, we can simply put the robot in the equipment for processing. For example, for ultra large drum workpieces, it is difficult to perform processing in a certain part of the inner cavity. At this time, we can fix the workpiece, arrange the guide rail, and then push the robot to process
But 5 axis CNC Router is cnc machine very heavy and the spindle move along with the X axis beam.
So their have different flexibility in working.

5. Different axis 
The 5 axis cnc router machine, as the name suggests, is included of XYZAB five axes. It can rotate 360 ° flexibly, allowing for perfect carving of various angles on the surface of molds.
The KUKA ROBOT machine have long development history from 3 axis, 5 axis, 6 axis and 7 axis.Usually the 6 axis robot arm is popular in market and price is reasonable .

6, Different price rang 
5 Axis CNC Maching machine price rang is different from 30000USD-70000USD, The price is determined by the different machine configurations and table processing dimensions. Like small table size 600mmx1800mm machine price is cheaper so much than table size 2000mmx3000mm 5 axis cnc router machine.
KUKA Robot arm the price is relatively fixed and more cheaper than 5 axis cnc router machine, its price rang from 15000usd to 30000usd as per 3 axis,5 aixs,6 axis and 7 axis.

7. Different cover size 
5 axis cnc router cover size is big because its structure is big size and flat table size also big. Usually there need installation drawing in advance before machine install and need check factory space enough or not to install it.
KUKA Robot arm it take small size like 4ft by 4ft widht and length. If it equip with ground rails the rail length is long you also need check factory space enough or not to location it.

That's all for the main difference between a 5-axis cnc router machine and a 6-axis robot. I believe that after reading this, everyone will understand some knowledge, which will also be helpful for choosing between a 5-axis cnc machine or a 6-axis robot.
We also believe that both 5-axis engraving machines and 6-axis robotic arms will leverage their unique advantages to explore more application areas and assist in upgrading different manufacturing and production processes in the future !


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